John Edgar Browning, PhD

Professional Tutor

I was born in Nashville, Tennessee and raised just outside the city on a farm where I could often be found wandering the surrounding forest for hours. After high school, I studied or taught in Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, and Louisiana before ending up in New York where I took a PhD in American Studies at the University at Buffalo (SUNY). I'm internationally recognized for my scholarship on vampires, but more often than not I'm confused for one (no, seriously). I also write on horror movies generally and love watching cheesy, low-budget (i.e. free) horror trash from the '80s on YouTube. I was watching horror well before kindergarten, which means that not only am I not conscious of my first horror movie experience, but nowadays I find it exceedingly impossible to be scared by a horror film, which is also probably why I can study them unabated.

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