Keely Mruk

Peer Tutor

I grew up close enough to Atlanta that I can somewhat guiltlessly say I’m from Atlanta; now that it’s my third year at Tech (and fourth semester in the Communication Center) I suppose I can completely guiltlessly say I’m from Atlanta. I have changed my major so many times I should probably stop listing it in my bio; however I think it’s safe(ish) to say I am finally set on my double major: HTS and Business (specifically with a marketing concentration). When I’m not drinking too much coffee, cracking too many puns, or using too many parenthetical comments (it’s a habit I just can’t seem to break), I’m probably working (despite my best attempts at procrastination), reading (at an embarrassingly slow pace), or whistling (others have said it’s reminiscent of a Disney princess; their (completely accurate) words, not mine).

Photo of Keely