Tho Van


Having spent the last few semesters of my undergraduate experience looking at chemical plant software, climbing into industrial boilers, and covering myself in (nontoxic) chemical dust during my co-op, I’m finally back on campus to resume my curriculum as a chemical engineer here at GT. Despite the STEM oriented program I am enrolled in, I have had many experiences in communicating here on campus. From working at the communication center for 2 semesters prior to this Spring, leading the public speaking club at GT for several semester, and acting as the master of ceremonies for several cultural organization events, namely the Vietnamese Student Association Charity Dinner and the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers Southeast Conference, I’ve had my fair share of time in the spotlight. Outside of school related activities, I enjoy practicing piano, playing soccer, watching romantic comedy anime, honing my StarCraft skills, and having random conversations with anyone and everyone.

Photo of Tho in front of the bookcase