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Can I print a poster at the CommLab?

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Yes, the CommLab offers poster printing during scheduled times. Students can sign up to have their posters printed in person at the CommLab. The policies are as follows:

  1. Before scheduling a time to print their poster, students must first attend a scheduled half-hour appointment with a consultant to review their poster draft. This appointment must take place at least one day before their scheduled printing time.
  2. When students finish their appointment, they can sign up for a poster printing time at the front desk with a Center Assistant. Posters cannot be printed on the day of the appointment.
  3. Students should return to the CommLab during their scheduled poster printing appointment. The consultant in charge of poster printing will then ask the student to pull up the file of their poster on a CommLab computer. Students must remain in the CommLab during the poster printing process.
  4. Students should find out the required size of the poster from their instructor ahead of time. When they come in for printing, the student should inform the consultant of the required size of the poster, along with the dimensions of the poster as currently designed so that the consultant will know if any adjustments need to be made.
  5. Poster printing is not offered on days when the CommLab is closed (for holidays or under unforeseen circumstances).