Peer Consultant
Alyssa Ramos headshot

Ever drawn to the wonders of reading and writing, I’ve long experienced joy in the art of communication. I’ve spent years cultivating my technical language skills as a practicing linguist (so far) familiar with Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese. In the CommLab I aim to help others continue growing in their own communication endeavors as well. Although overlooked, our everyday lives are fraught with opportunities to find our own voice and use it for good. I strive to demonstrate an awareness of the power of communication in everything I produce, whether that be a class assignment or a well-worded text. 


A little about me— I’m an undergrad studying Literature, Media, & Communication and when I’m not in the CommLab I enjoy making my way through my letterboxed watchlist and reading fiction novels. 


I have a passion for media and design so sessions looking for feedback on visual communication projects such as presentations, videos, resumes, etc. are my favorites. Nonetheless, I look forward to helping with any genre of communication project you're working on whether it be a research paper or a creative writing piece, bring in what you've got!