Assistant Director and Professional Consultant
headshot of Professional Consultant, Jessica Rose

I am an Atlanta native and an alumnus of Georgia State University, where I received my MA and PhD in Rhetoric and Composition, as well as a graduate certificate in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. While there, I also served as Associate Director of their writing center for three years. As a scholar, I have a broad range of interests, including a not-so-secret passion for archives and activism. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching a broad range of subjects, including visual rhetoric, business writing, academic publishing, and archival methods, to name a few. In my work as a consultant, I enjoy learning about other people’s research and seeing the passion they bring to their interests, regardless of where they are at in their academic work. The organizer in me also enjoys helping build professional materials that can demonstrate that expertise in other ways. In my spare time, I play competitive billiards and wander the North Georgia mountains with my family.