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Instructions for Online Appointments 

As the university operates through remote learning, the CommLab continues to provide consultations to clients. We offer two different types of appointments at this time.

1. Asynchronous appointments: You provide us with a document before the beginning of the appointment time, a consultant comments on that document during your appointment time, and the document is then returned to you with written feedback within a few hours of the appointment.

2. Live  appointments through BlueJeans: You click on a link in the appointment to enter a live session with a consultant using the GT BlueJeans software.

For asynchronous appointments (all papers, reports, visual documents, presentations, and most oral assignments):

  • Sign up for a slot on the CommLab Asynchronous schedule on TutorTrac. Appointments must be made 6 hours in advance. You can make two appointments every six days. The consultant will spend 45 minutes reviewing and commenting on your work.
  • Each appointment can focus on one document (on average 4-7 pages depending on the complexity of the document and/or extent of the comments). Upload your document by clicking the “Document” tab on TutorTrac, hovering your mouse over “choose file for upload,” clicking “choose file,” selecting the appropriate document, and then clicking “upload document” (this may take a few seconds).
    • If you are working on a written assignment, we would prefer that you upload a Word document. If you do not have access to Word, please send us a pdf. If we don’t have your document, the session cannot take place.
    • TutorTrac only allows you to upload one document. If you upload more than one, we will only receive only the most recent document you uploaded.
    • If you have trouble uploading your document on TutorTrac, you can also email that document to commlab@gatech.edu. Email the document and assignment prompt with your name, appointment time/day, and the consultant you are seeing as the subject of the email (e.g. George P. Burdell, Tues. 3 pm, Jeff Howard).
    • If you are working on a visual document, please send your file in a format that computers without specialized software can accept.
    • If you want asynchronous feedback on a presentation, record yourself giving the presentation and send us the recording. Our consultants will respond with written feedback.
    • To retrieve your document, log onto TutorTrac. Click on Document Post in the Student Options field on the left. That will take you to a list of documents. Click on the appropriate document and download. Your screen will look like this:












  • When you make the appointment, provide the following in the Notes field or in the Survey attached to the appointment:
    • A description of the assignment or project. If you are working on something that wasn’t assigned in a class, please also provide us with some context. For example, if you are working on a job application, please send us the information about the position and the application requirements.
      • If you are required to include citations in your work, please specify the format (e.g., MLA, APA, IEEE, Chicago, CSE, etc.)
    • Between one and up to five questions you have for the consultant about your project. The consultant will do their best to address your questions.
      • Be aware that if you have a long work, the consultants may not be able to read the entire document, so prioritize your questions accordingly.
  • If you would like to ask follow-up questions or review additional pages, contact commlab@gatech.edu and request a follow-up appointment.
    • Be aware that you may not be able to work with the same consultant. When you make this appointment, please upload the document with your original consultant’s suggestions into the appointment so that any consultant can review those suggestions.

For BlueJeans appointments (30 minute appointments with 15 minutes built in - in case of technical difficulties):

  • Sign up for the appointment on the CommLab BlueJeans schedule at least 6 hours before the appointment time you want. 
  • When you email the CommLab to make an appointment, provide the following:
    • In the Notes field, briefly describe your assignment or project. (Examples: I want to practice my conversational English or my English in preparation for a job talk. I need to practice a mock interview for a job at ____ for a position doing _____. I need help brainstorming for a _____ assignment.)
    • Upload your instructor’s assignment sheet, the job posting, or any other relevant document if you have it. Upload your document by clicking the “Document” tab on TutorTrac, hovering your mouse over “choose file for upload,” clicking “choose file,” selecting the appropriate document, and then clicking “upload document” (this may take a few seconds).
      • If you are working on a written assignment, we would prefer that you upload a Word document. If you do not have access to Word, please send us a pdf.
      • TutorTrac only allows you to upload one document. If you upload more than one, we will only receive only the most recent document you uploaded.
    • If you need the consultant to look over a document during your appointment, upload that document on TutorTrac once you receive an email confirmation for the appointment. If you can’t upload the document, email it to commlab@gatech.edu with your name, the appointment time/day, and the consultant you are seeing.
  • When it’s time for your appointment, go into TutorTrac and click on your appointment. A link for the online appointment will show up 15 minutes prior to the appointment time. Wait for the scheduled appointment time. If you show up early to the scheduled appointment, the consultant may still be in a session with another student. If that happens, you will be asked to leave the session until your scheduled appointment starts. When you log into TutorTrac for your online appointment, you should see a screen that looks like this:









  • Please read this disclaimer: To ensure the academic integrity of online video appointments, all video appointments will be recorded. We continue to value your privacy, and recordings will be deleted at the end of the semester. However, any inappropriate behavior happening during a session will be reported to the Office of Student Integrity. Clients will be asked to confirm assent at the beginning of the recording. If you do not wish to have a session recorded, we will work with you to find an asynchronous consulting format.

Please be aware that Rehearsal Rooms are closed until the University reopens.


How do I make an appointment?

Appointments are scheduled online via TutorTrac. Given the shift to online consultations, appointments must now be made at least 24 hours in advance.

TutorTrac works best when you use the most recent version of Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer will work, but Safari will not. Chrome may encounter some glitches, but otherwise works.

It is safe. The First time you use TutorTrac, accept the security exceptions.

Please keep in mind, while you are guaranteed to meet with a consultant during your chosen time-slot, the CommLab may need to assign you to a different consultant.

Click here to access our appointment system

  1. Sign in with your GT log-in and password. (This is the same information you use for Canvas and Oscar.)
  2. You will see "Center for Academic Success" on the splash page. This ok! You are on the correct platform.
  3. Select "Search for Availabilities."
  4. Click on the "CENTER" dropdown menu and select "CommLab Asynchronous" or "CommLab BlueJeans."
  5. Click on the "SECTION" dropdown menu and select the course for which you are seeking support. Select "Other" for communication support on documents or projects not connected to a course.
  6. You may adjust the date rage, but we recommend leaving that as it is. Next, click "Search."
  7. A schedule of names, dates, and times will appear. Click on an appointment that suits your schedule to reserve it.
  8. Confirm your choice. You should receive a confirmation email shortly thereafter.
  9. Please email us at commlab@gatech.edu if you encounter any issues.

What are appointments for?

Our trained consultants help undergraduate and graduate students with:

  • Written Projects
  • Multimodal Projects
  • Graduate School Applications
  • Lab Reports
  • Senior Design Papers
  • Individual and Group Presentations
  • Poster Designs
  • Grant Proposals
  • Cover Letters
  • Resumes / CVs
  • And anything else, academic or extracurricular, involving communication